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By following the joining instructions here, you will be able to:

* Join the website (
* Add information to the website
* Have full access to the Forum
* Edit and change web pages

As UNITY uses a wiki, all members are able to access and update the website.
You will NOT become a member of UNITY in-game, if you wish to join UNITY in-game you will need to complete the application here.

The Quick Method

This is a two step process:

1 Make an account on this website - click Create account (at the top right of this page).

2 Once the account is set up just click here and then use either the password to join this site or apply through the application process.


Send an email to moc.ytinu-wow|nioj#moc.ytinu-wow|nioj asking to be sent an invite via email
A step-by-step guide

Read this first:
Step 1

The first part is creating an account with who host the webspace for UNITY. This is done by clicking create account on the top right hand side of the screen.

This will open up an account creation page with and you will need to complete the sign-up process including the entry of the code on the pictrure.
Once this part is complete you then wait for the verification email to arrive in your Inbox.

This is just to prove you have a working email account to verify the information you have provided to Information you provide to is not viewable by Guild Members or Guild Administrators.
To provide information that is visible you will have to edit your profile.
Step 2

Once you have your account you may log in and return to the webpage.
Click here and choose either the password method or use the apply method.

The password will give you instant access to the website but if you choose apply you will have to wait for a site admin to grant full access.

Password available from other Officers online.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


You need to ensure that your Web Browser will accept cookies from the website. Check your settings and/or the privacy report in Internet Explorer. Information on cookies for web browsers can be found here
You will then need to close and restart your Internet Browser after making this change

Cookies (continued)
You may have to edit the settings from within Internet Explorer

1. Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu
2. Click on the "Privacy" tab
3. Click the "Sites" button
4. Type "" then Allow followed by "" then Allow
5. Click "OK" & "OK"

This should now look similar to:

Can't edit pages
Please ensure that you have completed Step 2 of the process. You can check at any time that you are a member of the website (and therefore able to edit pages) by clicking here

Internet Explorer
It is recommended that you use IE 7.x to access this Wiki Site as previous versions may not display correctly. You can obtain the latest version here

Links to some external sites here

No problem just click refresh on your browser and you will come straight back to the front page of the website or just click UNITY in the top left.

Need Help?
Speak to your Class Leader or any Officer. You can also post in the Forum by clicking the link above

Want to join UNITY during the Raids? This is probably the most requested topic line in Guild Chat - Click here for the best way to ensure you are part of a UNITY Raid

Please make sure your account is secure and read the tips here

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