A glimpse of Absolute, a Southside icon


(from the Citizens flickr pool)

On a Sunday along MLK, you can expect to see Absolute, the Rastafarian runner with the Ethiopian flag as his cape. Here is my glimpse of him today at Rainier Vista. Voilà, a link to a fine Seattle Times article about him, excerpted below:

"Bob Marley!" some of the workers yell at him, this black man, 6 foot 3, all limbs and graying dreadlocks. "Superman!" some of the kids holler, loving the sight of a man running in long white socks and the green-yellow-red flag of Ethiopia fashioned as cape.
The runner was born with a different name, but sometime after college, after he claimed Ethiopia as The Motherland and decided to boycott all meat and dairy, his buddies dubbed him "Absolute." End of story. Don't look for deeper meaning into why Absolute runs MLK, down to the corner of Graham Street where the McDonald's presides and where he pauses, thrusting his hands in the air à la Rocky Balboa, then turns back, heading north.


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