Cutcontract -Test

This is the overview of my pages built for the ctucontarct wiki: [ ]
(see community forum. )

I want to build here some articles, cases and scenarios and to test the linking between this pages..
( the idea is to use dataform fields - the id's of the "foreign" pages ( like pagepath concept) comparable with the [ ]

Notice: 1. Pagepath does not work - becaue of parenting is linking to different levels! 2. The links are not working therefore - no title is shown! 3. ListPages can find the relevant pages ONLY when they are tagged with _%%fullname%%!

1. All 4(5?) categories are autonumbered!
Also are there the ovverview pages "…:_overview" exitent to have an overlook !

2. Articles
article:_template page: article:_template
starting with: Table of COntent
(copied from the original! )

3. Cases
case:_template page: case:_template there could be many cases fr one article, bit also more article for a case!

starting with: Table of COntent

4. Scenario
scen:_template page: scen:_template
( means here the one and only one scenario which case leaded to the article! )
there can be only ONE scen for an article !

5. art-case-join
art-case-join:_template : art-case-join:_template pagepath-links does not work
( dataform fields with id's ( = Links to show titles - does not work!)

Notice: there is a hidden page called art-case-join:_root existent - which holds only the root page for the page path and the site map page-tree starting with this page.
6. if needed: art-scen-join:_template

standard - live "_template" used without any tricks and layout changes…