"Stammbaum" is the german equivalent to genealogy idea - but with diferent technic:

1.Catgeories used:

  • "pers" - autonumbered pages ( data-forms!) which holds the peronal data of ONE person. ( typical: pers:1 )
  • pers:_template holds the LAYOUT of the pers: pages for display
  • "parent" - autonumbered pages ( dataforms!) which holds the 2 id)page-numbers) of a parent - doubble typical: parent:1 )
  • parent:_template holds the LAYOUT of the parent: pages for display .

2 idea:

The single pers: page

holds one person - identified by an autonumber id.
Holding data as title, name, bith-data and date , diying data and date, and Parent-ID !

the signle parent page

is the equivalent of a connetion attribute between two persons
a child of such parents are than all "pers: pages" with a tag build with "p-id" ( means the page number of the parent page)
reading all persons with such a tag gives the "direct" brothers & sisters !
( not yet the sisters of other parent-parts)
problem is the fact that today any listpages modukle cannot be nested..

3 Layout

the idea is to show on ONE page

  • the person itself , and
  • above the parents ( over the p-id) with the two persosn building it.
  • parallell "on the side": all (direct) sisters and brothers and
  • "under" the person: all childs ( found by searching the p-id - where the person is the "father" or "mother" and reading all persons with tha p-id tag)

This gives a lot of "links" to the other pers: pages

standard - live "_template" used without any tricks and layout changes…