Syntax Changes

I want to create a "journal" with little entries explaining (like a log file) the syntax changes happened on wikidot..sorted descending by implementation date - the newest first - and only a short description.

Implemented or documented on Item Short hint
2009-01-19 FeaturedSite Module NEW
2009-01-19 SiteGrid Module NEW
2009-01-15 NewPage Module parent="page-name" attribute
2009-01-15 gallery [[gallery viewer="no"]] or [[gallery viewer="false"]]
2009-01-15 Clicking edit and save, without changing page source or title now recompiles the page without new revision being created.
2009-01-15 SSL is now available only in Pro+ plans, as scheduled
2009-01-08 Tags fields can now be up to 500 (was 256) characters long, individual tags are up to 64 chars long.
2008-12-17 pro: Public on Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008 ( FAQ)
2008-12-15 Mouse hovering now works for bibliography items in forum posts.
2008-12-09 pro: Pre-public Pro Accounts launched:plans The upgrade panel is available in My Account, under the tab Upgrades.
2008-11-28 guest commenting mode and anonymous forum posting: Blog-like input forms ask for name, email, website. Name (and website) are displayed instead of IP addresses.
2008-11-28 Comments Module hideForm="true" attribute
2008-11-17 toc +* This will not appear in TOC
2008-11-09 ListPages Module %%page_name%% or %%page_unix_name_without_category%%
2008-11-08 Live Templates %%page_name%% or %%page_unix_name_without_category%%
2008-11-06 thumbnails "absolute path": http://site-name.wikidot/local--thumbnail/small.jpg (or medium.jpg); beware of the double dash ( - - ) in the local- -thumbnail!
2008-10-08 "Manipulate" pages without "loading" them "/norender/true" or "?norender=true"
2008-10-08 Site-Manager: "Autonumbering for pages" NEW! ( per category)
2008-09-30 ListPages Module order="random"
2008-09-23 pro: Profile Visibility "hide my profile/list of my edits/my forum posts/wikis I am a member of"
2008-09-18 pro: user icons management per wiki Now you can choose, if you like to see pro/karma icons on your own Wiki or not. You can trigger it in your admin:manage site.
2008-09-18 pro: outgoing pingback management set, if you want to enable of disable pingbacks from your Wiki.
2008-09-08 pro Cloning Wiki admin:manage panel -> Misc Options -> Clone.
2008-09-07 Tags - iftags NEW! (glossary:tags)
2008-09-05 NewPage Module tags="…. …." attribute
2008-09-01 PageCalendar module Connected with ListPages!
2008-07-28 Tags individual tags are up to 64 chars long.
2008-05-18 Live Templates NEW! (help:template

standard - live "_template" used without any tricks and layout changes…